Monday, May 2, 2016

4. The Emperor

The Butterfly People
@ Alainnah Robertson

Toronto, Ontario, 2016

The Emperor is symbolic of our reasoning powers. As humans grow and mature, so our brains develop the ability to think and reason. This tool allows us to understand and control our subconscious mind and emotions. Maturity comes as we learn to be objective and analyse ourselves, other people, and situations. Maturity is acceptance of the truth about ourselves, and human nature. It is working with reality, instead of building Utopias based on our own desires and fantasies, political or superstitious ideologies. It is letting ourselves and other people be what they truly are, not judging them against an ideological standard created by others, and set in stone by them. Maturity is exhibited by non-judgmental love for ourselves and others.

We set realistic goals based on what we need and want. We examine rationally what is necessary to achieve the goals. We follow the path leading to those goals. When we achieve, we set new goals, reaching ever higher. We compete with ourselves and want to achieve our own personal best. This is rational and emotional maturity. We become complete.

We follow our own path and our own passions. We find ourselves in our activities and achievements. We learn that self-realization is best found in working with others to achieve joint goals. We give of our talents and abilities to others, and find we gain appreciation and all we desire.


The Emperor

The Butterfly People lead ever onward
Weaving circles within circles
Beautifully they blend
Ribbons of colour, singing in the zephyrs
Back and forth, up and down
Round and round
Dancing towards the ultimate, the Cave of Mirrors

In that Cave sits the Emperor
On the Throne of Strength
The Throne of Perseverance
The Throne of Self-command, Self-control
Many have been the battles fought
The wars over Self won
The Reality reflected in the Mirror, finally accepted

On the Throne of Self-mastery
The symbols of the Ram
The Golden Fleece won by Jason
Chrysomallus, winged Ram of the Golden Fleece
Bore Phrixus to safety over the sea
So we are borne safely through the trials of life
Gaining Maturity, Life-experience, winning Rule over Self

Protected by the blue armour of Intelligence
The red Robe of Passion
The purple Cloak of Spirituality
The Emperor wears the golden crown of Victory
Control over Self, Triumph, Honour and Glory
In the right hand the Rod of Reason
In the left, the Sceptre of Authority over Anarchy

Persimmon flames across the sky
Lighting the Mountains
Source of Strength, behind the Emperor
Excitement, Energy, Vitality fill the New Being
Who springs forward with Courage
Full of Vitality and Health
Accepting Responsibility and Creativity for Life

The Butterfly People sing in a different key
Their dance becomes a march
Forward they move into Action
A promenade of flashing limbs, flowing robes, many coloured
Triumphant they speed
Trembling with Anticipation
The Chrysalis has been opened, a New Creature will appear