Tuesday, June 21, 2016

5. The Hierophant

The Butterfly People
@ Alainnah Robertson

Toronto, Ontario, 2016

The Hierophant, to me, is representative of the inner wisdom and knowledge we can gain from learning about the societies and associations, religious and political, created by people. Each of these organizations has its ideology. As we mature and experience life, so we can understand more and more these different worlds, and how they resemble and interlink with each other. Human behaviour is revealed. As we observe our own interaction with these worlds, we can gain knowledge of ourselves, and this leads to deeper knowledge of others. We find ourselves, and the human race, in interaction with others. We, in fact, become The Hierophant.

Everyone is born into a particular world with its unique culture and worldview. As children and adolescents we are learning the structure of our own society. A wise society designs education to shine a light into the world of others. Wisdom is acknowledging that there are many different, successful ways to be human beings. We learn from history of how people lived in the past, of their struggle to become strong and survive the challenges of life. We learn of other cultures, and the wisdom passed down in the ideas of other peoples. A wise society doesn't try to brainwash its members. Rather, it opens up minds by encouraging free thinking and freedom of speech. A society that truly cares for its members points individuals to the source books of original thinking, and asks them to make up their own minds as to what they think themselves. Wisdom is supporting individuals to become ever more themselves, and contribute of their talents to their society. As society accepts its members just as they are, so they, and it, can flourish, bringing a diversity that adds to the richness of the culture.

The fight between the enlightenment of learning to think rationally and the blindness of following an ideology faithfully without question, has been going on in human societies since time immemorial. It is still going on, and it seems as if it will always go on. We each have the choice as to whether we will be rational freethinkers or emotional blind followers.

We can choose whether we want to go through the hard work of producing our true selves, or choose to drift through life taking it as it comes. We can remain caterpillars: or choose to enter the cocoon of our own spinning. Does the creature in the cocoon suffer pain as it labours to produce a beautiful butterfly? Can we bear the pain as we labour to mold ourselves to be the best we can be: to bring to life the beautiful butterfly person we are meant to be?

The Hierophant

Dearest Love
The Butterfly People hover around you
Sheltering, protecting, supporting
As you take your first steps
Out into the World
Their anthem rises to the skies
Singing with the larks in the morning
Their wings fluttering in soft zephyrs around you

The Hierophant sits
On the throne of Power
Power over Self, accepting Authority
Granted by others in recognition of Integrity
Red robe of Passion as Guiding Force
White undergarment of Purity of Will
Blue gown demonstrating Trust and Unconditional Love

Sitting between the two pillars
Of Liberty within Law
The Hierophant hold the Triple Sceptre
Exerting domination over matter, emotion, and mind
The right hand shows four fingers
Two point down to Earth, two point up to Heaven
A Bridge channelling power over all the worlds

Here sits the Chief Intercessor of the Eleusinian Mysteries
Teacher, Pastor, and Mentor
Ilithyia, ancient Goddess of New Life
Goddess of many names, down through the ages she labours
The Life Force of Evolution is with us
As we grow with the challenges of life
Ever renewed, as we Dance along the Spiral of Time

Two acolytes stand before the Hierophant
Clothed in Roses red and Lilies white
The union of Flesh and Spirit
Sashed in yellow, joyous in the pursuit of Wisdom and Knowledge
Between all, lie the crossed keys
Shared mystery drawing ever onwards
Dare you grasp the keys, open the door to new life?


Monday, May 2, 2016

4. The Emperor

The Butterfly People
@ Alainnah Robertson

Toronto, Ontario, 2016

The Emperor is symbolic of our reasoning powers. As humans grow and mature, so our brains develop the ability to think and reason. This tool allows us to understand and control our subconscious mind and emotions. Maturity comes as we learn to be objective and analyse ourselves, other people, and situations. Maturity is acceptance of the truth about ourselves, and human nature. It is working with reality, instead of building Utopias based on our own desires and fantasies, political or superstitious ideologies. It is letting ourselves and other people be what they truly are, not judging them against an ideological standard created by others, and set in stone by them. Maturity is exhibited by non-judgmental love for ourselves and others.

We set realistic goals based on what we need and want. We examine rationally what is necessary to achieve the goals. We follow the path leading to those goals. When we achieve, we set new goals, reaching ever higher. We compete with ourselves and want to achieve our own personal best. This is rational and emotional maturity. We become complete.

We follow our own path and our own passions. We find ourselves in our activities and achievements. We learn that self-realization is best found in working with others to achieve joint goals. We give of our talents and abilities to others, and find we gain appreciation and all we desire.


The Emperor

The Butterfly People lead ever onward
Weaving circles within circles
Beautifully they blend
Ribbons of colour, singing in the zephyrs
Back and forth, up and down
Round and round
Dancing towards the ultimate, the Cave of Mirrors

In that Cave sits the Emperor
On the Throne of Strength
The Throne of Perseverance
The Throne of Self-command, Self-control
Many have been the battles fought
The wars over Self won
The Reality reflected in the Mirror, finally accepted

On the Throne of Self-mastery
The symbols of the Ram
The Golden Fleece won by Jason
Chrysomallus, winged Ram of the Golden Fleece
Bore Phrixus to safety over the sea
So we are borne safely through the trials of life
Gaining Maturity, Life-experience, winning Rule over Self

Protected by the blue armour of Intelligence
The red Robe of Passion
The purple Cloak of Spirituality
The Emperor wears the golden crown of Victory
Control over Self, Triumph, Honour and Glory
In the right hand the Rod of Reason
In the left, the Sceptre of Authority over Anarchy

Persimmon flames across the sky
Lighting the Mountains
Source of Strength, behind the Emperor
Excitement, Energy, Vitality fill the New Being
Who springs forward with Courage
Full of Vitality and Health
Accepting Responsibility and Creativity for Life

The Butterfly People sing in a different key
Their dance becomes a march
Forward they move into Action
A promenade of flashing limbs, flowing robes, many coloured
Triumphant they speed
Trembling with Anticipation
The Chrysalis has been opened, a New Creature will appear


Friday, January 29, 2016

3. The Empress

The Butterfly People
@ Alainnah Robertson

Pickle Lake, Northwestern Ontario, 1978

The Empress is symbolic of our emotional side. The mature human being has learned to deal with this facet of human nature. It is necessary to learn to recognize an emotion when felt, name it, and then control it. To control a negative emotion, one has to use it as a level to create change. For instance, jealousy shows what we want for ourselves. Are we prepared to do the hard work necessary to achieve what we envy in another?

Once emotions are recognized in one's self, emotions governing others can be recognized. This interior work is not only essential, it is rewarding.

Emotional maturity gives us the power to understand one of the important underlying factors of our belief systems and behaviours. What do I feel? What do you feel?


The Empress

The Butterflies call
Silvery bells tinkling in the wind
Come! Come my Love, in the ardour of spring
In a world suddenly flowering, suddenly blossoming
The scarlet flowers swaying, perfume the air
Pollinated by the Butterflies, they bear golden fruit
Eat of their sweetness, my Love

Find the beautiful bird, the Bird of Paradise
Whose call, clear and true, is heard in the Valley of Wildflowers
Where trills the Lark, herald of Joy
There too sings the Constant Nightingale, sweet and pure
The birds sing a sweet Lullaby
My Love! Dream a sweet dream, a dream of long ago
Far away, and once upon a time

The raging deluge has become a soft veil of white froth
It falls into the pool below, warm pool of passion
Sitting on the throne of Venus, goddess of Love
Out of the golden sunshine rises the Empress
Amongst the golden grain, ripe for the harvest
Bearing aloft the wand of Love that conquers all
Trumps all emotions that would invade us

She is crowned with twelve stars, magical number
Divisions of the heavens, of the seasons
Robed in the white of pure emotion
Under a smothering of red roses, the symbol of Venus
And of true, eternal Love
She is sheltered by myrtle, fragrant in the sunshine
Her voice is soft and sweet, a murmur caressing

My Love, the Secret sheltering in the dark trees is Love
Sheltering from the harsh winds of Reality
The evergreen trees, dark and mysterious
Standing against Envy, Spite, Hatred, murderous Anger
Emotions that would destroy us
Love and her companions, Compassion, Empathy
Protect us from the destruction we can create

Turn from the darkness of blind Rage, the needs of Control
The need to control others, to make them conform
Conform to our Vision of how they ought to be
Conform to the Utopia we long to create on Earth for others
A world created in our image
Created out of our concern for others
A place of belief in Truth, but our Truth that we alone know

Like butterflies flying free in the sunshine, joyous
Going where they will, obeying their inner calling
So we need to do as we will
Following our emotions, a child learning to feel as all humans feel
Answering the questioning of our hearts
Giving names to our longings
And sailing on the churning seas, experience the lows and highs

And this freedom to be themselves we must grant to others
Like the wild bear catching the returning salmon
Harvesting blueberries in preparation for winter
Others know what they have to do to fulfil their lives purposefully
Isn't it better to love and support others
To achieve their own goals
That is the Way of Love, that is the Way to Fulfilment

The Butterfly People sing sweetly
Of Love and Hope and Achievement
Of Passion used to sail towards the Light


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I. The Magician

The Butterfly People
@ Alainnah Robertson

Pickle Lake, Northwestern Ontario, 1978

The Magician is representative of the adolescent, immature person first awakening to the wondrous gift of life. The flames of passion are rising, innocence is waning, and the will to take control of life is developing. 

The card points to the tools necessary to navigate this phase of the development of the human spirit. It expresses the environment necessary for the full development of the mature human being.

What is also being said is that the individual is totally responsible for the processes of the mind. It is in the individual's hands what the mind accepts and chooses. It is the individual's responsibility as to what kind of human being will be produced. 


The Magician

My Love
My very precious Love
Step out of the Shadows
Out of the dark rhythms
Into the Sunlight
Into the Music
Out of Death into Life

You, beloved Magician
Must step out of the tumult
Must stand alone in the crowd
To find the Cave of Mirrors deep within
But the mirrors reflect the Raven, bearer of Truth
Have you the Courage and Strength
To know Reality

Magician, clothed in the pearly purity
Of Innocence
The scarlet robe of Passion
Drawn around you
The magic wand of Discernment held high
Like a little child
You come

The golden circlet of Will
Crowns your brow
Around your waist
The Serpent of Transmutation
Tail clasped in mouth
Creates a magic circle
Where Clay transforms to Gold

Within this magic circle
Rainbows dance in Golden Light
Hope and Faith become the Real
Matter transforms into Spirit
Your hand grasps the Staff of Life
The Wand of Power
From the Sea of Dreams

Over you, sheltering, flies
The Banner of Light
Of Spirit guiding Matter
Reason guiding Emotion
Around you, cherishing, blow in the gentle guiding zephyr
 Pure lilies white and loving roses red
Beneath the intertwining
Circles of Eternity

Deep within the Chrysalis
Meaningful Life quickens
Hear the Butterflies sing
See them dance
Minuetting under the Rainbow
With music and laughter
And tears of joy

Before you lies the world
What will you make of it
Using the Sword of logical thinking
The Cup full of emotions
The Pentacle of material wealth
The Wand of Achievement
How will you use them

The Prize, my Love, the Golden Fleece
Is sacred knowledge
Of yourself and others
Seeing the secrets hidden in the human heart
Knowing your own Strength
Finding true Freedom
From the shackles of untamed Emotion