Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Fool

The Butterfly People
@ Alainnah Robertson

Pickle Lake, Northwestern Ontario, 1978

The Fool is the first card of the twenty-one cards of the Greater Arcana of the Tarot, and is representative of the young, innocent person, at the beginning of life. Striding out, without fear or caution, life looks like an adventure. Ahead lies the great transformation that takes place as the child grows and becomes a student.

This can happen at any time in a person's life. In fact, it is almost as if life happens in spirals and with each spiral a level is completed. Then we move on to the next level, ever growing upwards, ever adding to our experience and knowledge.

When we follow this Way consciously, life becomes an adventure. As we learn ever more of ourselves and others, and of the process we call life, we become more and more confident as we come into our power.


The Fool

My sweet Fool
Lover of Illusion and Delusion
Twin sisters bound together 
By Fantasy
My beloved Fool
Child of Ignorance and Anarchy
Heed my voice

Behold those peaks reaching into
The World of Knowledge
Glittering in the sunlight
Snowy peaks beckoning
Shining in golden radiance
Come with me
And scale them

Behold those deep valleys
Of Experience
Lying shrouded in mists
Dim and mysterious
Luminous with pearly glow
Come with me
Find the Way through them

The thistledown is blown by the Wind
Laughing at the Sun
But the beauty of the flower is revealed
Only after the seed
Rooted in the warm earth
Committed to Life
Is transformed

My Beloved
Hear the warning
You too must turn towards the Light
Committed to the Path of Truth
Committed to the Way of Growth
And in your transformation
Sweetly blossom


Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Call

The Butterfly People
@ Alainnah Robertson

Pickle Lake, Northwestern Ontario, 1978

The Beginning of story of my relationship with the Tarot cards started when, a long time ago, my new friend Margaret took a course on the Tarot cards from a mysterious man. He impressed on her that she had a sacred duty to teach the Tarot wherever she went, and gave her a wooden box containing a new, Rider-Waite pack of Tarot cards, which he asked her to keep safe. One day she would meet the person for whom they were destined. She would recognize that person beyond doubt, and could then pass on the box, laying down the burden of teaching the Tarot. Shortly after I met Margaret, she asked me if I would like to learn the Tarot cards. The time was right, and I said yes. Beginning our first lesson, she told me the ancient myth that surrounds the cards, and their origins.

The great library of Alexandria, in Egypt, founded under Ptolemy I around 300 BCE, housed an enormous accumulation of knowledge, and included in it were the scrolls of sacred literature of the Ancient Egyptians. There was always the danger that these secrets might be lost, by fire or other threats, so the priests of the Ancient Egyptian religion created the Tarot cards, in which are contained the wisdom of ages. Primarily, the cards are concerned with the journey the individual takes from immaturity to maturity in this world. The Ancient Egyptians were aware of, and believed in, deeper dimensions of existence other than that bounded by our puny senses, and the sacred journey also applied on a deeper level than just the material. This is the purpose of all life. This is the Force behind Evolution: we are called to ever deepening maturity. The Force is with us on this journey.

It was like meeting old friends! As Margaret told me the story, I realized that I knew the cards and their meaning. Margaret immediately gave me the wooden box with the Rider-Waite deck, telling me that they were for me. She told me about the burden she had been carrying for too long, as she hated teaching the Tarot. She knew the cards were for me, and she was free. That was the end of our lessons. Since then, I have been pondering the cards and their meaning, and applying what I learn to my own life. The cards are a tool leading us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others.

Not too long after meeting them, as I poured over the cards one morning, suddenly I found poetry filling my head. I was compelled to write it, and it began with an inner call to me to follow the ancient path of the mystics of all time. I had already been following that path with my studies of comparative religions and political systems, but this was different. It was personal.

The Call

Come with me, my Love
To the Land of Delight
The Land of the Butterflies
Where we are whole and complete
Where we are ourselves

My voice is the voice of the Sea
Sounding from the West
Of the Butterfly People
From the City of green and gold
City of many names
Atlantis, mythic city, safe and warm, deep within
Sheltering in the Sea of Dreams

My song is the song of the sirens of old
The song of sirens, drifting, lifting
Hung between the ultramarine seas
And the deep cobalt skies of ancient Greece
Heard by Odysseus, who saw our sweet meadow
Our fragrant meadow full of flowers
Filled with the perfume of Contemplation
How different might have been the end of his story
Had he but listened, had he but looked within

My song is the call of the seers of all time
Follow me and I will give you rest
Rest from Anxiety, from Suffering
Follow me and I will give you knowledge of secret truths
Only to be won by inner struggle
By conquering the secret life within
Held in the World of the Chrysalis

Where are you going my Love
Light as thistledown you drift
Borne on the Spiral of Time
Come with me and I will give you
Strength and Sweetness
In Thule, misty isle of the West
The longed for Land of Dreams

I sing of new Life, of Transformation
Like the caterpillar creeping along the ground
Seeing only the earth, struggling towards the sky
Feels within its being that this is only the beginning
We too know that life holds deeper purpose
We too know that we must withdraw into the Cocoon
Transform in every particle of our being
Emerge new creatures, loving and laughing in the light
Butterflies, reborn into the Life of Spirit

The Way is long, dark and difficult
Many are the false starts
The shattered illusions
Painfully shed
Many are the bloody struggles along the Hero's Path
Jason's Path to the Golden Fleece
Etched by the poets

The book of Truth
Written in the eye of the Eagle
In the claw of the Lioness
Written on the wings of the Phoenix
Bird of Fire and Rebirth
Revealed in the glorious flowers of spring
Can you bear to read it, my Love?

Have you strength, dear Love
I will be with you
But have you Courage
To enter the deep Cave of Mirrors
To look look into the images deep within you
To listen to the Raven, Bird of Truth?
Dare you find the beautiful Bird of Paradise?

In the Beginning there was Pain
As the Seed Coat burst asunder, releasing the new Seed
Throwing our Cosmos into Being
Giving birth to Hope
Still there is Pain
As the Butterfly People strive for fulfillment
Strive for Life, into Eternity

Come with me, my Love
You will find Truth
Mouth curved in love, but eyes of steel